Odyssey Reckoning
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The Beginning of the End

Madness has struck the Battlegrounds. The stakes are high as The Great Dreamer continues his assault. Will the Gods come together to stop him or will their pride get in the way?

Journey alongside the Gods as they search for answers in the Odyssey: Reckoning.

Eclipse Summoner Hel
The Ultimate Odyssey Reward

Eclipse Summoner Hel

“Teach them the meaning of respect.”

“Yes, my lady.”

The Hel Tier 5 Odyssey Skin is here! Master the powers of sun and moon light with Eclipse Summoner Hel as she joins the ranks of Archon Thanatos, Frostfire Ullr, and Godslayer Ares as this year’s ultimate Odyssey reward. Earn 160,000 Odyssey Points to unlock this incredible reward. Eclipse Summoner Hel will also be available for purchase on Day 1 of the Odyssey!


Earn Odyssey Points. Level Up. Unlock Rewards!

Collect Odyssey Points by completing a series of quests or by purchasing content. Receive Collection Bonus Skins every 40,000 Odyssey Points earned up to the ultimate Odyssey reward: Eclipse Summoner Hel Skin at 160,000 Odyssey Points. Don’t want to wait? You can unlock this unlimited Tier 5 skin on Day 1 with the "Buy All" button!

Complete Quest Voyages

Go on Quest Voyages on the Odyssey map to uncover more rewards including Odyssey Bonus Chests, Cosmetics, Gems, Boosters, and more. Start in Niflheim and unlock a new territory for every 20,000 Odyssey Points earned. The journey is up to you - pick whichever territory you want to travel to next. Beware: some areas have been plagued by Cthulhu’s corruption. These voyages will be more challenging than others.

Odyssey: Reckoning Skins

Exclusive Odyssey: Reckoning Skins will be purchasable with Gems. Each Odyssey skin comes with a bonus cosmetic plus Odyssey Points that will contribute to the reward bar. New this year: earn Odyssey Points by participating in the Battle Pass, purchasing the Digital Loot Pack, and other select items in the SMITE store until November 2020.

For more information, go to the Rules tab in the Odyssey: Reckoning page in SMITE.