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Persephone's Odyssey

Olympus had a new king. The word went out across the realms. To every fane and temple, to every heaven and hell. To every underworld. The word flew to every ear keen enough to perceive it - a god of starlight had descended to claim the throne… and Persephone was not impressed.

The Queen of the Underworld’s Odyssey to rid the world of the gods’ hubris starts now!

Symbiote Hunter Baron Samedi
The Ultimate Odyssey Reward

Stellar Demise Baron Samedi

Specimen acquired. Returning to drop point for payment and transfer. I don’t like the look of this thing one bit, so you better be on time.

The community-chosen, Tier 5 Odyssey Skin is here! Stellar Demise Baron Samedi will join the ranks of Archon Thanatos, Frostfire Ullr, and Godslayer Ares as this year’s ultimate Odyssey reward. Earn 130 Odyssey Points in Odyssey: Underworld to unlock this interstellar reward. And for the first time ever, Stellar Demise Baron Samedi will be available on Day 1 of the Odyssey!


Earn Odyssey Points. Level Up. Unlock New Treasures!

Collect Odyssey Points by completing a series of challenging quests or by purchasing content. With every 5 Odyssey Points earned, you will progress up the Odyssey Rewards bar and receive an Odyssey Chest roll, with exclusive bonus content. Complete the full rewards bar to receive the ultimate Odyssey reward: Stellar Demise Baron Samedi. Don’t want to wait? New to this Odyssey: You can unlock this unlimited Tier 5 skin on Day 1!

Complete Challenging Quests

With each new patch, Persephone’s journey to to end the reign of the oppressive gods continues, unlocking new Odyssey Quests along the way. Completing these quests will earn you Odyssey points, allowing you to gain Odyssey Levels -- plus Skins and Chests -- for free. Earn up to 30 Odyssey Points by completing these quests over the course of the event!

Play Classic Adventure Modes

This year’s Odyssey brings back updated fan-favorite Adventure modes! Be on the lookout for several of these game modes to cycle throughout the duration of the Odyssey. Classic Domination is available now!